Commuter parking is the way to go says Strathfield MP

Fri Nov 11: Building a series of multi-level commuter car parks near railway stations should receive prioritised state government funding according to Strathfield Member, Charles Casuscelli.

“Currently there is a single level car space on the southern side of Ashfield Station on land that is owned by Rail Corp. This could become a four-storey car park, which would be ideal for commuter parking,” Mr Casuscelli said. “There are other sites near inner-west train stations that could be considered for multi storey commuter parking.”

Mr Casuscelli outlined some of the issues discussed at a forum with mayors and general managers from Ashfield, Strathfield and Burwood Councils held on Friday 4 November at the Burwood Council Chambers.

“We wanted to explore any common issues that affect all three council areas and parking is certainly one of those,” Charles said. “The Parramatta Road corridor is another.”

The Strathfield MP is passionate about transport logistics and believes the M4 extension should be a priority, along with better integrated public transport.

“It’s important to realise that a project is not a roads project but a transport project. Building the M4 East would take cross traffic off our local roads, which creates a domino effect, whereby less congestion leads to a more reliable bus timetable. There’s no point in just fixing rail if commuters have nowhere to park near the stations. The Strathfield Master Plan is with the Minister now and, should it go ahead will have a huge impact on people and other councils. Having a major bus interchange at Strathfield railway station will provide a more reliable service and take cars off local streets,” he said.

“Rail Corp missed a golden opportunity on Railway Parade in Burwood a number of years by selling off land adjacent to the rail line for just $3million. There should have been a bus interchange there – not just residential.”

Mr Casuscelli said that a review of the rail timetable was underway, with a new timetable expected in the 2013/14 period.

Council amalgamation not necessary

“Bigger isn’t always better,” Charles Casuscelli says about rumoured quiet talks regarding council amalgamation. “Economies of scale are not always what they suggest. If councils are doing a good job and the people are happy with the job they are doing – why change it?”


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