Chemistry is right as Vaccari and Soulos take the reins at Strathfield

A sense of hope and promise is on the horizon for Strathfield residents after two long-standing residents, both pharmacists, were declared Mayor and Deputy Mayor at the first  new-look  council meeting in the Strathfield Chambers this evening (Monday 17 September).

Gulian Vaccari (centre) is Strathfield’s new mayor.

Strathfield’s new mayor  is Liberal Gulian Vaccari, a pharmacist who is well liked and respected in the Strathfield area and has strong ties within the community.  His two daughters have attended local schools and he previously served as a councillor in Ashfield from 1999 until 2004, where he co-owns a local pharmacy. The newly elected mayor has already stated that establishing a CCTV network in the town centre, a safety committee, efficient council services and supporting the M4 East extension are on his agenda.

Joining Cr Vaccari is another pharmacist, Andrew Soulos – another long-time resident whose family have lived in Strathfield for three generations. Andrew and his brother John were educated at St. Patrick’s College before both obtained degrees in pharmacy and law, respectively.

Cr Soulos, who made it onto the council in seventh position, after a whirlwind six-week campaign is committed to preserving open space and improving communication between residents and their elected representatives and  Strathfield Council.

Andrew Soulos, Strathfield’s Deputy Mayor.

“We look like having an additional 8,000 residents coming into Strathfield in the future.  You wouldn’t want to convert open space into buildings at any point. If we consider  losing open space, there will be an exponential decrease in amenity for residents,” Cr Soulos stated.

“I would also be looking for councillors to remain relevant and to actively seek input from the residents, who should be able to call their representatives.  There are seven councillors, which means residents have seven choices until they can get someone who will listen to them,” he said.

“We need a real connection between the people and council. All available facts on whatever the issue is has to get back out to the people,” he added.


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