Ashfield Mall parking changes coming soon

In direct response to customers comments and complaints, Ashfield Mall is set to bring in a combination of free and paid  parking conditions from December 4, in time for the Christmas shopping period to boost the availability of car spaces.

The new Easy Parking system provides shoppers with a two-hour free parking period on Levels 1 and 2, which are under the Mall and accessed from Knox and Norton Streets. Nominal charges will apply from the third hour and increase on a sliding scale up to a daily maximum charge. Parking on Level 1 and 2 after 6pm is free, providing that the car is parked after 6pm.

Rooftop parking, which is council controlled, is open 24 hours a day. The first three hours are free.

The changes in parking conditions are being welcomed by Centre Management.

“Our customers have told us that they want these changes to make accessing Ashfield Mall and shopping easier,” said a spokesperson from Ashfield Mall. “This system has proven to encourage a more consistent flow of traffic through parking areas and we will continue to deliver shoppers a hassle free and easy shopping experience and be responsive to our customers’ needs.”

Customers had been complaining that the parking underneath Ashfield Mall was being used by people parking their cars for work and not for shopping.

“By installing the new parking system, Ashfield Mall is showing its dedication to providing the local community with an accessible shopping centre whose parking priority is for genuine shoppers,” the spokesperson added.

By Belinda Noonan


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  1. Maurice O'Neill

    The parking is good , my complaint is the trolley control, not enough trolley bays plus lazy people leaving trolleys against cars etc . at least Aldis trolleys have to have $2 inserted but then when I return them the bay is full of other trolleys . also aldis let shoppers use any trolley so they are then left anywhere . I am close to shopping elsewhere & so are others I talk to . Surely all stores should be made to use trolleys that need coins & I don’t think there will be many left in the wrong place , if they do one of us old pensioners or kids will soon return them for the money.

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