Sky’s the limit for Sasha

Strathfield performer Sasha Leonov has let his soul soar on his latest album, Skies Change.

Have guitar, will travel … Sasha Leonov has performed across Europe.

Have guitar, will travel … Sasha Leonov has performed across Europe.

28-year-old Sasha has been writing songs and playing guitar for most of his life, but decided to officially begin performing in 2008. Since making the decision to start singing publicly, he’s performed – and even busked – around France and Italy.

This year, he released Skies Change, an album which was mostly recorded over a one-year period in London.

“It’s a hopeful, heartfelt and honest way of seeing things,” he said of the album.

With a Russian background, he also draws inspiration from his native country.

“Growing up, I listened to quite a lot of Russian music with my parents, so naturally that seeped into the way I see things and appreciate music,” Sasha said.

“Russian melodies have something about them that to this point resonates with me, something I will definitely explore more in future song writing.”

Achieving an intimacy with the audience has been the most rewarding thing for Sasha, who finds the connection between a performer and the crowd to be exhilarating.

“I just enjoy the thrill of being in front of people who are listening to my music [and] the rush of knowing that people are enjoying my music and getting something out of it,” he said.

“That’s what has kept me going.”

Skies Change is available through

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