Save the chimps

The 2013 National Pride of Australia Medal ceremony on November 15, being broadcast live from the  Bennelong Lawns in front of the Opera House at 7am recognises many Australians for their amazing work.

Daniel and William Clarke

Daniel and William Clarke

Two young men among those are Daniel Clarke and his older brother William. Together the boys raised awareness and funds to help the orang-utans, publishing their acclaimed books Tears in the Jungle and were the subject of a documentary for Australian Story on the ABC.

Daniel lives with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair. As a very young boy he became fascinated by orangatuns and over the years, with his brother and parents Rodney and Penny, has helped raise over $670,000 to save the orangutan and sponsored 53,500 acres of their habitat.

After seeing how their book inspired so many children to make a difference, Dan and Will want go to The Congo in Africa to help the chimpanzees and have created crowd funding website through Pozible the hope people will support them.

34. Chimps

 “All the great apes are critically endangered.  If our book can show people around the world the effect that we as humans are having on our rainforest and jungles we can inspire others to change what we do, to keep what we have, for future generations,” William said.

“We know that not everyone can travel to the jungle but we can share our experiences with other kids to let them know all about these amazing creatures and their habitat”, Daniel said.

If they are successful in raising the $50,000 required, the boys plan to self-publish their second book.

Pledges start form $10 with the crowd funding open until the end of 2013.

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