Noisy neighbours driving one family to distraction

The construction of a multi-storey unit block on Conder Street in Burwood has copped criticism from an adjacent neighbour who says the noise levels exceed allowable limits.

Construction on Conder Street, Burwood.

Construction on Conder Street, Burwood.

Tieu-Tieu Le Phung says her family life is disrupted as a result of the increased noise levels.

“As a long-standing resident residing on the fringe of now the Burwood City vicinity where perpetual constructions are taking place since 2012, we have been continually subjected to noise levels at 90 decibels,” said Ms Phung. “I have taken to having my noise cancellation headphones next to my bed.”

Burwood Council maintains that it makes regular checks of noise complaints.

“Council is bound by State Government legislation when assessing noise complaints and in this instance, the noise from the development has not been deemed as excessive under State regulations. However, Council has met with the developers and raised the issue of noise, the hours of consent and the impact on surrounding neighbours,” a council spokesperson advised.

For Ms Le Phung, who has measured the noise on an iPhone app, has called on all councillors to take a stand for the residents.

“I am determined to step up and assert the rights of residents severely affected by the construction of an essentially suburb scale expansion at breakneck speed where regulating noise levels seem to be irrelevant to the Burwood Council,” she said.

NSW noise laws:

by Belinda Noonan

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