Top results for MLC

MLC School is one of the global leaders in the International Baccalaureate with five more perfect scores this year, taking to 30 the number of perfect scores in the last seven years.

MLCSchoolRetouchMaia Alfonzetti of Darlinghurst, Nina Dillon Britton of Drummoyne, Luci Hughes of Lilyfield, Ivy Jiang of Carlingford and Victoria Tong of Pennant Hills all achieved a perfect score of 45 which translates to an ATAR ranking of 99.95.

In addition, another 13 students achieved scores of between 41 and 44, giving them ATARs from 98.85 to 99.85.

MLC School student, Victoria Xu, also achieved 99.95 in the HSC taking the school’s total 99.95 ATARs to six.

Luci Hughes told of her excitement at opening the mail informing her of her perfect score. “You have your goals but you never really know until that email arrives. The IB is a very challenging program and I have learned so much more than I thought I could over the last two years.”

She praised her teachers for their commitment. “We were lucky to have a cohort of very engaged girls and I think the teachers liked teaching girls who are passionate about what they are learning. Being part of this group was the best part of the IB for me.”

Luci is looking to study arts or international relations and then post-graduate law on her way to becoming an advocate for women who are the victims of domestic violence.

Ivy Jiang said that after completing her exams she was not confident of getting 45, so the result was a pleasant surprise.

“These past two years have been the hardest and have needed constant motivation to keep working towards your goal, but putting the hard yards in was really worth it.”

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